12 Steps Digital Workshop

Empowering, supporting and educating busy Mum’s

to get organised, energised and healthy!

’12 Steps to a Healthy Family’ is a 12 Step Digital Workshop for busy Mums that want to transition their family to a healthier lifestyle. In 12 self paced steps you’ll be guided and motivated by Occupational Therapist and Health Coach Nicole Beardsley from The Happy Parent Project and learn how to:

Boost your immune system naturally
Make fermented foods rich in probiotics and gut healing properties
Make 100’s of meals using whole foods
Bake supercharged sugar free snacks
Educate your children to love healthy food
Remove bloating and digestion issues
Have energy all day long
Curb sugar and caffeine cravings
Spend quality time connecting with your family
Get back your spark for life

What difference would it make to your family to be moving forward as a healthy, connected and energised team?

It’s what we all dream of right?

But how do  you to make it happen when you’re a busy Mum, juggling family and maybe work? How do you get fussy eaters to make the change and convince them to eat healthy? How do you clear up annoying rashes, allergies and behavioural problems when you feel like you’ve tried everything?

That’s where my unique 12 Step Digital Workshop comes in, that has been designed specifically for busy families just like yours, with issues just like yours.  See I’m a Mama too, and a busy one. I’m also an Occupational Therapist and Health Coach which means that I’m trained and specialised in supporting people to get organised, healthy and in control of achieving their dream life. I created this workshop based on 5 years of my own experience in getting my own family healthy and organised. You can read more about my story here. Now I spend my days coaching busy Mum’s in my Australian clinic on a 1:1 basis to get their family healthy, but I wanted to open up this unique workshop to other Mums all around the world.  And that’s why I created my 12 Step Digital Workshop.

How does it work ?

My 12 Step Digital Workshop has been beautifully designed and photographed and condensed onto a handcrafted wooden USB with stunning detail (because, busy Mama, you deserve a little touch of class!). You’ll receive your USB in the mail with each of the 12 Steps clearly laid out for you to progress through. Each Step has a workbook for you to print out and complete, as well as an accompanying educational audio from me . You will receive links to additional resources for you to read and some very special bonuses. Your bonuses include:

  • A 4 week meal plan with 100 wholefood recipes designed specifically for busy families and fussy kids
  • A copy of my e-book ‘Sugar Free Baking’ for busy families
  • A downloadable copy of my DVD ‘Natural Living – The Basics’



The Community

In addition to your workbook and additional educational resources you also become a part of my private Facebook group. In the group you get support and guidance from other Mum’s that are on the same journey as you, and also completing the 12 Step Digital Workshop. You can support each other with difficult situations such as ‘How do I deal with birthday parties?’ or ‘Has anyone tried the chocolate brownie recipe from Sugar Free Baking? How did your kids like it?’. The Facebook community is so important when you start on a journey like this, particularly if you have some resistance from friends and family. The Facebook group becomes your tribe and support crew, motivating you and giving you the confidence to keep doing this amazing programme for the sake of your family’s health and happiness.

The 12 Steps

Here’s the 12 Steps that we’ll cover:

0. Welcome and Getting Prepared

1. Reflection

2. The Life I Dream of Living

3. Getting Organised

4. Creating A Morning Routine

5. Meal Planning

6. Clearing Space For Your Dreams To Grow

7. Preparing To Cleanse

8. Simple Cleanse

9. Building Your Gut Health

10. Balancing Your Hormones

11. Discovering Your Creativity And Passion

12. Spirituality


What do other’s say?

12 Steps Digital Workshop has been changing the lives of busy Mum’s for 2 years now. Watch the video below to hear what other’s have to say!

Ready to join?

This is the best part, because you’re going to be surprised at how incredibly affordable this Workshop is! For just $89 you’re going to get $ 360 worth of products (yes, that’s how much I sell them for separately at my markets!). Here’s what you get:

Digital Workshop valued at $200
Sugar Free Baking Recipe book valued at $19.95
Natural Living DVD valued at $39.95
Meal Planner valued at $24.95
Gentle Cleanse valued at $24.95
Facebook Group Support valued at $50

You can choose to either buy the package for $89 AUD (12 Steps Digital Workshop + Book + DVD) or just the 12 Steps Digital Workshop for $60 AUD. This makes it affordable for everybody.

Please note that to allow time to configure the USB’s with your chosen package, there is a turnaround time of approx 10 days before delivery. However, you’ll be entered into the Facebook group the moment you pay so that you can start connecting and learning whilst waiting for your workbook.

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact me using my Contact Page and I’ll respond ASAP.

Here’s to you and your journey to a happy, healthy family!

Nicole x