Welcome beautiful Mama to The Happy Parent Project!

The Happy Parent Project is the love child of Nicole Beardsley. Nicole is a mother of 3 with a life’s purpose to heal others. Her work is supporting busy Mums to take those first steps to transition their family to a healthier lifestyle.

With over 10 years of experience in the health industry she was challenged both emotionally and educationally in 2009 when her young daughter was unable to be healed with Western medicine. So began a journey into the world of nutrition as she uncovered that it was a modern diet that was wreaking havoc with her daughter’s fragile immune system.

She studied nutrition, read every book available to her on food and it’s impact on the body, spoke to experts in alternative medicine and experimented on her own children with an alternative diet including wholefoods, superfoods and fermented foods. She wrote all of her experiences and recipes down for her own personal reference and interestingly as her daughter healed she had requests for her creations and techniques.


Professional Bio

Nicole is now a certified and practicing Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a successful author and blogger and motivational speaker. Nicole says that there is a wealth of knowledge out there for parents on how to live a healthier lifestyle, but what’s missing is someone to support them to do it.

“I decided to share my knowledge with other Mum’s because I could see that they needed the support that was missing for me in 2009. I was exhausted with a newborn, my daughter was always sick and I didn’t know how to heal her. The Happy Parent Project is what I needed myself. It’s that knowledge all in one place – recipes, techniques, 1:1 problem solving and the community of Mum’s to support you”