Australia’s Ultimate Yoga Event for Mums!

It’s here! I’m so excited to announce my biggest and best ever event! I’m pairing with the stunning Nerine from Power and VInyasa Yoga to unlock the mysteries and break down the barriers of yoga that often prevent even the most confident of us Mums from stepping foot in a yoga studio!
I’ll be quizzing  Nerine  on everything you ever wanted to know about yoga (“What should I wear? Is it ok to bring my newborn? What if I’m not flexible enough? Can I go pee halfway through a pose?”).
This hilarious but informative morning will have you laughing but absolutely convinced that you can do a yoga class by the end of it!
Even if you’ve done yoga before, this event will answer all of those questions that run through your head when you should be focusing on your breath!
Your ticket includes:

  • A fun mixture of questions and sharing between Nerine, Nicole and the audience
  • A 30 minute yoga class introducing you to the basic yoga poses, techniques and breath work to have you calm and energised for the weekend ahead
  • Education on healthy breakfast choices to fuel your post yoga hunger including a superfood smoothie from the famous Natural Harry’s!
  • Loads of giveaways from our supporters including Lorna Jane, C-Coconut Water and Saskita Bonita! 
Food * Life

Nut Free Sandwich Free Lunchbox Fillers

Wow this has been quite an experience this first week at school and kinder thing (it’s been 5 or 6 years since I made my oldest son’s lunch!). Standing talking to some Mum’s yesterday I realised just how hard it is to fill a lunchbox when your children don’t eat bread and you’re not allowed egg or nuts at school. Nuts have been my ‘go to’ base for baking since my daughter’s food sensitivities began – this week I was suddenly stumped!
Putting my creative hat to work though I was able to fill the lunchboxes easily. Here’s 2 versions of nut free, egg free, sandwich free lunchboxes. I’ll bring you some more over the coming weeks as I work them out!
Ideas for lunchbox fillers!


  • Chicken & Cucumber Rice Paper Rolls (remember to pack an ice pack when using chicken)
  • Cucumber sticks
  • Watermelon
  • Plain corn chips
  • Homemade yoghurt (recipe in Sugar Free Baking)  in a Sinchies pouch


  • Refined sugar free/ egg free banana and chocolate muffins (recipe in Sugar Free Baking)
  • Pesto pastry twists (recipe in ‘Transition Your Family to Healthy Eating’ e-book that you receive for free when you sign up to The Happy Parent Project).
  • Watermelon
  • Homemade Muesli slice
I hope these give you some inspiration if you’re struggling with lunchboxes! I feel your pain!

Nicole x


Welcome beautiful Mama to The Happy Parent Project!

I’m Nicole Beardsley and this is my project.

I work with parents (mostly Mums, but sometimes Dads!) that believe in their heart of hearts that there is a better way to do this parenting biz.

Generally they’re grappling with too many balls in the air, rushing from activity to activity, struggling to do it all and wishing that they could just

slow……..all…..down. Take a deep breath….look into their children’s eyes…..stop the clock….before it all rushes past too quickly.

I was previously a clinical Occupational Therapist  teaching people how to use simple organisational strategies to achieve their goals. From neuro-rehabilitation units in New Zealand to the top spinal hospital in London I’ve supported inspiring people with debilitating injuries to care for their children whilst living in a wheelchair, to cook a family meal with only one arm and care for small children with a short term memory of less than 20 minutes.

These cases are rewarding, inspirational, news worthy and incredibly fulfilling as a practitioner, but they’re not where my true skills shine. My true passion, the people that I dream of working with and supporting, are everyday parents that fall under the radar. The hardworking Mums and Dads that are working their butts of from sun up to sun down, dreaming of a life that isn’t passing them by. Those parents that had a vision, when they first saw that second line come up on the pregnancy test, of the sort of parent that they would be. Those parents that can’t even remember what that vision was because they’re so bogged down in bills and errands and deadlines and rushing.

Unfortunately for these parents there is no ‘rehabilitation unit’ or prescription or practitioner to see where they can get help. So I’ve created one. 

On top of my Bachelor of Occupational Therapy I am also a certified Health Coach, Author, Kinder Educator and Motivational Speaker.

My coaching clinic is based in Ocean Grove, Australia and from this tranquil space I work 1:1 with clients (in person or via Skype for international clients) to support parents to:

  • Identify the sort of parent they envisioned they would be
  • Create a strategy outlining the steps they need to take to achieve this vision for their family
  • Implement the steps with my support and guidance, using my unique and tailored techniques and templates to creatively problem solve obstacles, create supportive routines and break down any barriers that are holding them back

To book a 1:1 consult please use my contact page. I do so look forward to supporting you to be a happy parent!

How you can join the happy parent project…

  • Join a natural living workshop
  • Join my coaching programme
  • Buy my recipe book
  • Read ’10 ways to get your kids to eat healthy food’
  • Buy my natural living dvd
  • Invite me to run a workshop at your organisation or kinder/school
  • Hire me as a motivational speaker at your next conference/ retreat/ organisation