Homemade Hair Mask for Hair Growth! Easy Guide For Newbie!

Grow Natural Long Hair With Homemade Hair Masks!

In the modern world men and women are working under harsh climate and weather changes. Due to the daily exposure of harmful UV sun rays on the scalp, it leads to different hair issues more often. Having shiny and long hair is a desire of every man and woman, but it can’t be fulfilled for everyone due to poor scalp health.

However, we are here assisting you with best hair mask for hair growth that would make surprising changes in your scalp health, leading to longer and healthier hair. If you are also keen to know about all the organic and homemade remedies for making an optimal hair mask on your own, then consider continuing reading the article until the end.

Why use a homemade hair mask?

In today’s marketplace, there are thousands of hair products that can be used for hair growth; however, all of these hair products are infused with a higher concentration of chemicals as we all are acknowledged with the fact that chemicals can be really harsh on the scalp and lead to several other hair issues. To get rid of this complication, it is better to use organic and natural products on your scalp for combating different scalp issues without much hassle.

The homemade hair mask is not the only beneficiary for your scalp but also for your pocket. By making a hair mask on your own, you can save your larger bucks very easily. In addition, organic products are easily available at home, whereas getting chemicals infused hair products can be e a huge task to deal with. These are easy to apply a hair mask that can help you to see wonderful results within minimal time only.

Henceforth, it is a better step for you to get started with homemade hair mask for hair growth to get the desired length of hair.

Homemade Hair Mask for Hair Growth

Best homemade hair mask for hair growth!

Well, above, we have listed why it is better to use for homemade hair mask instead of approaching market hair products that can lead to several issues. We are enlisting best DIY hair masks.

Gram flour and curd hair mask

Gram flour can not only help you to get rid of your hunger but can also provide better-nourished hair. You have to take 5 tbsp of gram flour and curd along with 2 tbsp of olive oil and mix it well together. Once done, then apply the mixture on your hair for two minutes so that it can set into your hair thoroughly. After twenty minutes, wash it off with a mild cleanser. Additionally, consider using an appropriate conditioner as well. Gram flour helps in strengthening your hair whereas curd and olive oil with help with moisturizing and keeping your hair shinier. It is more suitable for dry hair. People with excessively damaged hair should be using this hair mask very often.

Egg white and almond powder

Another in the listing we have egg white and almond powder hair mask. You need gram flour, almond powder, and one or two egg white depending on your hair length. Mix two tbsp of gram flour, almond powder and egg white together well. Once done, apply the mixture on your scalp and wait for thirty minutes. These ingredients are really helpful for the nourishing scalp. It was appropriate for you to consider for this best hair mask so that it gets nourishing strands of your hair. You can practice these hair masks very often, and people with oily scalp must consider to practice it thrice or twice a week for better results.

Homemade Hair Mask for Hair Growth

Coconut milk and methi seeds

It is appropriate for you to use for natural ingredients such as metthi seeds that can provide you with natural-looking and healthier hair. All you have to do is mix one tbsp of seeds and gram flour together and add coconut milk in it. Once done with mixing, apply it over your scalp and massage. Let it sit for an hour into your roots after an hour washes your hair with a mild cleanser and gentle conditioner. It is a convincing hair mask that can be used twice or thrice into your hair for attaining better-looking hair. People with normal scalp should be more considerate about this.

Hence these are some of the easy to practice and highly effective homemade hair mask in a minimal time period. You can choose any of the hair masks from the listing which fits your scalp well and proves more effective.

Another practice that you can consider is to keep switching on hair mask and cleansers for your scalp health. By switching, you can provide your hair with all the essential nutrients that it requires for providing you longer and healthier hair.


Well here is a pro tip for you as you have taken deep insight of making homemade hair mask. It is a considerable choice for you to use a hair mask twice in a week for better and shinier hair. Additionally, another simple step that you can inculcate in your daily regime is to drink gallons and gallons of water for removing toxins from your body naturally that actually hinders hair growth and lead to dull and damaged hair.

The final verdict

From the details stated above, it is transparent that you should be better going for the homemade remedies instead of opting harmful chemical concentrated hair products. Using homemade remedies is not only helpful for hair growth but also very beneficial for your scalp health. People with sensitive scalp or skin often have to hassle with irritation and discomfort caused by the harsh chemicals; however, organic products and homemade remedies do not cause any such results.

Making use of natural ingredients on the scalp would provide better and effective results that are going to be permanent. You can be evidently considerate about different and best hair mask for hair growth enlisted above in the article for attaining longer hair.

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