Can Beard Trimmer Be Used for Body Hair?

OK so this is a question asked more frequently than you may believe. You’ve got a beard trimmer you love and works marvels for your facial hair.

You’ve been disregarding a pubic bush that’s been growing to worrying percentages down below.

Can Beard Trimmer Be Used for Body Hair?

Can you use a beard trimmer to cut your pubic hair?

Yes. You can use a beard trimmer for your pubic hair. There are specific qualities a beard trimmer need to have if it is to cut down pubic hair without any difficulty. Top quality blades, an effective motor, numerous size guards and preferably a security guard is needed.

A great program of day-to-day, weekly and regular monthly personal grooming practices where face and body hair are concerned must be embraced by males and females for a number of factors. Excellent personal grooming routines are vital in preserving excellent physical looks and, in repercussion, great levels of self-esteem and self-confidence. When you look, smell and feel great, you are most likely to bring in others, be it as a company, as a friend, or as an enthusiast.

Different the Tools

This is not simply a matter of being picky about your personal grooming practices however more significantly because best body groomer for men is created with a particular function in mind. Body electric shavers are created with special accessories that make it safe, quick and simple to shave hard-to-reach areas without the advantage of a mirror. A curved accessory can be used to shave the back, which is among the personal grooming routines that many men stop working to learn because of their unwillingness to request support from their sweethearts or better halves.

Most women would remove hair in the face, underarm, in addition to legs, men, on the other hand, choose to have their chest, back, shoulders along with legs and arms devoid of body hair. Whatever the technique for body hair removal for men, all of it come down to personal choice be it a momentary outcome or an irreversible one.

How is beard hair different to pubic hair?

Excellent news. Grow out your beard and you may see the hairs aren’t that different from pubic hairs.

The density of the shafts, the texture and circulation are quite comparable.

Can Beard Trimmer Be Used for Body Hair?

Dislike to enter into semantics however hi technically beard hair is pubic hair, as it establishes after adolescence therefore ought to really be considered pubic.

Hair is such an emotive topic and with human nature being human nature, what we want we can’t have and what we have we do not want! Curly hair and we want directly, straight hair and we want curly, brunette and we want blonde, blonde and we want red. Upper lip hair on a woman, so valued as an indication of splendid beauty in particular parts of the world, is damned by our Western society.

Undesirable hair is a typical issue impacting most women to differing degrees throughout their lives and triggering using numerous short-lived approaches of hair reduction or hair management systems. It triggers fantastic distress, and it is frequently accompanied by sensations of bad self-confidence, a sense of seclusion and low self worth.

Here is a detailed standard on hair removal for men


You need to identify what approach you want to go through. You require a razor and shaving cream if you want to shave. Depilatories or a hair removal cream if you choose a pain-free removal of hair in the body. You can also use a waxing package if you believe “no discomfort, no gain” is the ideal thing to do. All of these are simply for the diy package in the house. Other options can also be selected besides the already pointed out one. You can also have laser treatment and IPL however these 2 are talked about in another subject.


You can shave utilizing the razor when you wish to remove the undesirable hair on your body. It is best that you do this right after taking a bath. Even better, soak your body in warm water so that the coarse hair is softened throughout the procedure. This also lowers the opportunities of having ingrown hair in addition to skin inflammation due to the friction brought on by the razor rubbed against the skin. Shaving results just last for about a day or 2.

The 3rd action,

Once you have removed the hair on narrower areas of the body, you can carry on to remove hair from the chest or back or any broad part of the body. This can be quickly done through waxing. This can provide pain however the discomfort is bearable. Warm wax, already melted, is used to the area and after that it is covered with a strip of fabric. You need to permit the wax to dry before pulling the fabric, in addition to the hairs. Make sure that you yank it against the hair growth to decrease ingrown hair. Hair would not grow for a month or two. There are also diy packages you can buy in shops or you can have this done expertly in a beauty salon.

What else can be done

The next action can be optional. If you choose to remove body hair completely, you can go to a beauty clinic and go through electrolysis. Electrolysis works by administering a low-level electrical shock to the hair roots, eliminating the growth cells accountable for hair. The drawback of this type of treatment is that it needs an overall longer period of sessions, normally done weekly, in order that the whole area is dealt with correctly.

Another way to go is utilizing laser treatment, which has a comparable mode as electrolysis. The primary distinction is that rather of electrical shock, low energy beam is used. Small areas can be dealt with in one session, making the overall treatment longer. Laser treatment is best carried out on men with dark hair.


If you feel that you wish to use your beard trimmer for period body hair maintenance, then it is most likely practical to use particularly if you already own one and wish to conserve some money. If you will be doing body hair grooming everyday or have big areas that require attention you may wish to buy a gadget that is created particularly for that kind of job. A beard trimmer can conserve you money, however it needs to just be used if you do not have lots of grooming to be done.

Health * Life

Do Tightening Creams Work?

A Natural body firming cream will offer your body a good firm and healthy look everyday. Everybody desires that healthy radiance that can offer you a sensation of wellness and self-confidence. 

There are health threats that you must try to find when utilizing natural body firming creams such as; Parabens, Dyes, and Triethanolamine – these are hazardous and will trigger damage to the body.

Do Tightening Creams Work?

Many best body firming cream consist of a scent that may trigger an allergy. It is very important to always check out the components on the bottle before making your purchase at the shops.

Natural firming body creams will last a very long time when used correctly.

It is needed that you use the natural firming creams daily for tested lead to order to be looking great everyday.

Another crucial component in the natural body firming cream is “protein” which is important for the body. It offers the cream wetness for your body to get a healthy and strong look.

Recommended products for firming your skin are; Body washes are a wash that imitates a cream and provides your body a natural look rather of soaps. Natural body creams will safeguard your skin from sun damage and other outside toxic substances that can connect themselves to your body. It will offer your body a smoother look that you will love.

For the very best results, choose a natural body cream which contains Alpha or Beta hydroxy acids and use it a minimum of two times a week. This component assists grow the skin and it also minimizes any kind of infection. You can have healthy skin when utilizing the natural body firming cream.

Toning Solutions – Finding the Right Body Firming Cream.

In addition to lines and wrinkles, drooping skin is one of the indications of aging. These indications of aging can be brought on by too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Free radicals in the body also damage skin cells. Skin will also begin to droop when the body experiences extreme weight reduction. Women who want a soft, smooth skin use body firming creams to obtain a more vibrant look.

Do Tightening Creams Work?

To preserve a firm and flexible skin, we just have to boost our body’s production of collagen and elastin. A few of the more efficient body firming creams consist of natural substances that promote production of these skin proteins in the body. With better output of collagen and elastin, the skin ends up being more flexible and glowing. Maximum skin wetness is brought back. Some firming creams even declare a 40% boost in skin firmness.

How does skin tightening cream work?

Hyaluronic acid takes place naturally in the body and minimizes lines and wrinkles. There are specialized firming creams that increase the quantity of hyaluronic acid in the skin. When this acid reaches a more regular level, the lines and wrinkles in your skin will slowly lessen.

Another reliable active ingredient in firming cream is Coenzyme Q10. It is a natural substance that permeates deep into the skin and reduces the effects of free radicals that can harm the skin.

Many body creams count on natural active ingredients to promote tissue regrowth which is important to accomplishing a more younger and firm skin. Practical keratin boosts the production of collagen and elastin. It is a protein drawn out from sheep’s wool and is shown to be really efficient in increasing the skin’s firmness by over 40%.

Use the cream on issue areas to neutralize drooping skin, lines and wrinkles. These areas consist of the face, neck, knees and abdominal areas. Arm, thighs and breasts can also be targeted. The cream is generally used two times a day– in the early morning and in the evening.

The most efficient firming creams consist of active ingredients that improve the production of collagen and elastin and ruin free radicals. These are the active ingredients you ought to search for in a body firming cream.

Natural Body Firming Cream – Make Certain You Are Utilizing the very best One.

Is there such a thing as a natural body firming cream? Women love to have creamy, soft however firm skin. Most of our efforts and focused on the face, which is the first thing people see when they meet you. A natural body firming cream can assist to provide you soft, creamy skin all over.

To attain the look and feel, of a best looking body and skin, you have to use a cream that consists of clinically shown components so effective it will firm up drooping skin and enhance the tone and texture of your skin all over your body.

Do Tightening Creams Work?

Body wash includes numerous extreme chemicals and soaps that will aggravate and dry your skin instead of firm it. The reason that natural body firming cream is much more reliable is that it is created to deeply permeate and hydrate your skin. When you use body wash, you just lather it on and wash it off moments after. Leaving body wash on for any longer than a couple of seconds would lead to your skin becoming dry and chapped.

The natural body firming cream I have been utilizing include a host of clinically evaluated and shown components that research has revealed will enhance your body’s production of collagen and elastin, which are 2 really crucial proteins that adds to skin’s firmness and flexibility offering you firm, tight and toned skin.


Now that you understand why body firming cream is much better than firming body wash, keep in mind to look for cream with active ingredients like practical keratin, which helps in skin cell and collagen regrowth. Keep in mind to find creams that consist of natural and reliable moisturizers like olive oil, jojoba oil, and grapeseed oil. These natural oils will secure your skin and leave it feeling soft and creamy.

To attain this outcome you have to pay extra special attention to the active ingredients in any body firming cream you will be buying to use on your delicate skin.


I’ll be happy when…

Have you ever caught yourself saying the following? “I’ll be happy when..”

  • We own our own home…
  • The mortgage is paid…
  • The kids sleep through the night…
  • My boss quits and I get some peace at work…
  • The school holidays are over…
  • My son gets a new school teacher…

Guilty as charged – I used to find myself saying things like all of the time. I believed that my happiness was caused by external factors miraculously falling into place. What I realised over time though was that my happiness didn’t increase when these external factors fell into place. Strangely, I just found more external desires to replace them. Like…

  • We own our own home but now we have to pay for it! (I’ll be happy when the mortgage is paid off)
  • The mortgage is paid but I don’t like this house anymore (I’ll be happy when we get a nicer house)
  • The kids are sleeping through but geez 2 year olds are hard work! (I’ll be happy when we’re over the toddler stage)

You see, telling yourself that your happiness is dependent on external factors falling into place is like telling yourself there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You’re NEVER going to get there to find out because the end of the rainbow doesn’t exist!

True happiness lies within yourself. It’s about finding peace and happiness in every moment and stage of your life no matter what difficulties you’re experiencing. It’s about turning every negative into a positive:

  • I am so very blessed to have a beautiful home and a good job so that I can pay my mortgage off. I’m blessed to just have a mortgage!
  • Even though I find it tiring to get up at night to my kids, I truly cherish those moments in the dark hours when it’s just me and him, cuddling softly and breathing each other’s breath
  • The school holidays are challenging towards the end, but when I make it fun and focus on the kids I know we’re making memories that will last a lifetime

Challenging your thoughts like this is so important for true health. It’s proven that focusing on positives, meditating daily, doing yoga and other meditative practices lowers your stress levels, anxiety, helps to reduce depression and improves your general wellbeing significantly.

You will not ‘be happy when…’. Happiness is inside of you today, you just need to tap into it!

If you want to learn how to start tapping into your inner happiness then join me on March 1st in Barwon Heads for ‘Australia’s Ultimate Yoga Event For Mums’. It will be the beginning of a truly life changing experience for you and your family’s happiness. 3 days left on early bird tickets!


Your Smartphone is smart, but is it making you stupid?

Yesterday I decided to switch off my Smartphone and iPad for a self-centred, non electronic Sunday. A seemingly easy task one would think (my hubby bailed – he was supposed to join me but had already checked the weather, surf and used GPS by 9am!) One of my biggest concerns about my dependence on my Smartphone is my brain cells are withering away as I replace the need for them with my new fangled gadget. So to prove to myself that I could function without this handy little device with it’s cute pink leather case, I put myself to the test yesterday.

Here’s why it was hard:

  • It was my Mum’s birthday and I was planning dinner – should I do a BBQ or would there be a cool change? Normally I’d check my weather app (keep in mind here we don’t have any newspapers, TV news or radio on in our little sanctuary of a house!)
  • Before doing the grocery shop I needed to check the ingredients for my shopping list – but my favourite recipe books are e-books and for that I needed the iPad
  • We drove into town and I didn’t know how to get to the industrial estate – a girl with my map reading skills needs GPS!
  • As I wrote this blog I was sitting in the car waiting for my hubby to come out of a shop. I really wanted to send him a hurry message because it was 33 degrees and the kids were getting cranky!

How about you? How reliant are you on your smartphone? I can’t believe how much I’ve come to depend on it in such a short space of time – I mean only 12 months ago I didn’t even know what an app was!

There are so many benefits to using a Smartphone and i’m one their biggest fans, BUT like anything, we have to use them in moderation. As we head towards our late 30’s and early 40’s ( I can’t believe I’m saying this!) we actually have to ensure we work our brain, including the areas of memory, creativity and communication. If we want to have good cognitive functioning well into old age then it’s either use it or lose it!

Here’s what I gained from my 11 hours of abstinence (yes, I caved at 4pm):

  1. I focused on landmarks and used my memory to get around town without GPS ( no, I don’t know where the map book is, and I am even more likely to get lost when using one). This is awesome for strengthening your memory which is important if you want to avoid cognitive degeneration later in life (or even for tomorrow, so that I can remember the names of all the new kinder teachers I’ve just met…)
  2. I used my paperback recipe books (after dusting them off!) to look for recipe inspiration for the week. The kids became interested in all of the pretty pictures and we made a family session of the meal planning (Bonus: quality time with my kids and maybe they’ll eat what I serve this week because they chose it!)
  3. While waiting in the car for my hubby I wrote this blog, rather than procrastinating on Facebook and Instagram. (Bonus: I just saved an hour of work time tomorrow!)
  4. Not knowing what the weather was going to be doing for the day I struck up a conversation with my neighbour and asked them – and they knew the answer! (of course, because they checked their Smartphone app…Bonus: connecting with my community)

So try and get yourself a balance. Use your Smartphone when you have to, but if your brain could do the job perfectly well then let it!

Food * Life

Nut Free Sandwich Free Lunchbox Fillers

Wow this has been quite an experience this first week at school and kinder thing (it’s been 5 or 6 years since I made my oldest son’s lunch!). Standing talking to some Mum’s yesterday I realised just how hard it is to fill a lunchbox when your children don’t eat bread and you’re not allowed egg or nuts at school. Nuts have been my ‘go to’ base for baking since my daughter’s food sensitivities began – this week I was suddenly stumped!
Putting my creative hat to work though I was able to fill the lunchboxes easily. Here’s 2 versions of nut free, egg free, sandwich free lunchboxes. I’ll bring you some more over the coming weeks as I work them out!
Ideas for lunchbox fillers!


  • Chicken & Cucumber Rice Paper Rolls (remember to pack an ice pack when using chicken)
  • Cucumber sticks
  • Watermelon
  • Plain corn chips
  • Homemade yoghurt (recipe in Sugar Free Baking)  in a Sinchies pouch


  • Refined sugar free/ egg free banana and chocolate muffins (recipe in Sugar Free Baking)
  • Pesto pastry twists (recipe in ‘Transition Your Family to Healthy Eating’ e-book that you receive for free when you sign up to The Happy Parent Project).
  • Watermelon
  • Homemade Muesli slice
I hope these give you some inspiration if you’re struggling with lunchboxes! I feel your pain!

Nicole x