Meet Natural Harry….

I’m super excited to be featuring the gorgeous Harriet Birrell  from Natural Harry here today.  Harriet is one of the wellness gang down here that is taking the Bellarine and Surfcoast by storm, as we work our magic to make this the healthiest, happiest place in Australia to live! You might have seen Harriet and her gorgeous partner Fraser with their happy smiles and uber trendy vintage caravan handing out organic smoothies in Barwon Heads. She’s chatting with us today about getting upside down and she shares the recipe for one of her famous smoothies (yay!)

How did Natural Harry’s come into being?
It happened really organically (excuse the pun) I have been eating and living this way for some time and have been feeding family and friends with goodies like these. My boyfriend Fraser came up with the brilliant idea of making Natural Harry a really wonderful experience in the form of a coastal vintage caravan and that we build it ourselves. How can you resist an idea like that?

What does wellness mean to you?
Wellness means the world to me. Wellness is our birth right and something everyone should experience. Wellness is a holistic view of the body and the mind obtained through movement of the body, nourishment through food and daily relaxation of the mind (whatever that may be for you)

What’s one thing you do daily to be kind to yourself?
I dry body brush before my morning shower and I find time in the day to exercise (usually also my meditation) either swimming, yoga, walking or, once in a blue moon a run.

Your favorite 3pm ‘go to’ craving killer… 
At the moment a shoulder stand and a delicious “rawreo” (my raw version of an Oreo). In that order ;). My beautiful yogi friend taught me that, if your tired, get upside down for 5 minutes, you will feel like a new person.

Your perfect day…
Wake up with the sun
Breakie of a massive Green smoothie
Read and stretch/yoga
Natural Harry planning, making and nurturing
Swim in the ocean
Lay in the sun
Lunch of mums awesome Gispatchio
More relaxing
Surf with friends
Beautiful summer salad dinner with friends and some yummy raw deserts
Laughing and chatting

5 words you would use to describe yourself
Creative, goofy, a dreamer, a mover, shocking comedian

And your Mum…how would she describe you?!
I actually asked my mum this and was so taken with her reply… I’m blushing a bit..
Focused, thoughtful, creative, thorough, energetic. (mum is all of this and more!)

The weirdest ingredient in your pantry and what you use it for
Well, some would say my whole pantry is weird… Probably organic, raw cane sugar. This is only weird because I don’t actually eat it. I mix it with coconut oil and use it as an awesome body scrub. Yum yum!
Now here’s Harriet’s gorgeous ‘Berry Nice Day’ smoothie recipe for you to enjoy!
Handful of frozen raspberries/blackberries/blueberries or berry of choice
– 300 ml Almond milk
– 1 frozen banana
– Teaspoon acai pronounced (a – sigh -ee) High antioxidant berry buy in powdered form or fresh from your local health food store.
– Garnish with fresh berries and cacao powder or a sprig of mint

Health benefits: Healing, detoxifying, skin clearing, sustained energy.

I’m also very fortunate to have Natural Harry’s coming along to Australia’s Ultimate Yoga Event on March 1st handing out FREE organic, superfood smoothies to all of the yogi mama’s on the day! You are AWESOME Harriet! So if you want to meet Natural Harry in person and try the smoothies that are all the talk right now on The Bellarine and  in Geelong then grab your ticket now! (2 days left on Early Bird!).

If you want to follow Natural Harry then check out her website or click here to find out her location at any given time.

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